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Find and monitor your attack surface

Discover all your online assets

Online attack surface graph
Do you know what you have connected to the internet? Does that include cloud infrastructure and shadow IT? We’ll fix that for you. Start by entering some of your websites, ip addresses or subnets. Within minutes you’ll see related infrastructure appear: servers, certificates, clouds and other websites. No software installation required.

Get alerts when things go wrong

Timely security alerts
What if your clients can’t see your website because of security problems? Or if your email bounces because you’re blacklisted? We’ll notify you of problems like bad TLS certificates, insecure ports opening, vulnerable software used, your domains appearing in datadumps, phishy versions of your website appearing online, servers appearing on blacklists, and more.

Never miss important changes

Weekly security and intelligence report
We’ll send you a weekly pdf with an overview of your digital footprint and security problems. Interactive and searchable reports are available online. Reports, asset lists and search query results can be exported as Excel files. You can create the custom overviews and export with queries and tags. Our API allows integration with existing systems.

Who uses ShadowTrackr?

We're trusted to monitor the websites and servers of several Dutch government organizations, a US legal firm, a German online bicycle store, a telecom operator, and many more. The largest account has more than 7000 assets, the smallest only 4, and there are many in between. What they all have in common is that the success of their business depends on their online presence.

Our infrastructure

Our scanning nodes are placed in 17 datacenters spread around the world. These multiple viewpoints make sure we get a better picture of your systems. It allows us to check for things like presence in remote clouds and load balancing problems. All client data is stored on the central database cluster in London, UK.